November 11, 2016

Do nice guys really finish last?

UK, 26th OCTOBER 2016 -- Badoo, the world’s largest dating app, today releases research that answers the age old question of whether nice guys or girls really do finish last.

Nearly half of Brits (45%) have dated a ‘bad’ boy or girl, however, once burned, twice shy rings true as 66% of sensible singles said they would never date a bad boy or girl again. When broken down by gender, the results show that women are nearly twice as likely to learn their lesson and steer clear of bad boys and girls at 57% compared to just 32% of men.

Meanwhile, 39% of Brits entered into relationships with a bad boy or girl, despite knowing that it might end in heartache. When asked what attracted them, thrill-seeking appears to be top of the agenda with more than half (55%) of daters stating excitement as the winning trait, closely followed by their crush’s mysterious, unpredictable nature (53% and 43%).

A third (33%) of daters admit that they now only seem to date bad boys and girls, however,  the saying goes that a leopard never changes its spots and 45% of daters reveal that they would not waste their time trying to change a bad boy or girl’s misbehaving ways.

Nice guys don’t finish last. Nearly half (44%) of Brits don’t think you can ever be ‘too nice’ on a first date. This proves that the dating scene is on the up as Brits are increasingly shunning misbehaving partners for the happy, fulfilling relationships they deserve.

Badoo has been the expert of the dating industry for 10 years, solving major challenges in the dating space around issues such as privacy, safety and security. You are safer meeting people on Badoo than at a bar. Badoo’s experience has allowed the dating app to stay ahead of the curve and focus on innovation. We pioneered many of the features in online dating, like location based matching. It has pioneered features such as the addition of user videos to their profiles and its selfie picture verification measure to eliminate catfishing.

Joelle Hadfield, Badoo’s spokesperson, said: “If you were to ask hundreds of men and women the traits they are looking for in a partner, answers would largely include kindness, patience and respect. However, a large proportion of both women and men in Britain seem to be attracted to risky, 'bad' boys or girls, mainly due to looks and a perception that the relationship will be more exciting.”

“However, it's important to remember that this is only physical attraction and will not find you a long-lasting, happy relationship. As with any great love story, the good guys and girls will always win in the end, and you'll be glad that they did. That’s where Badoo can really help both men and women find quality dates and ultimately partners, as we’ve over nine million users across the UK to pick from, meaning cupid’s arrow is sure to find you.”

“Single women are often urged to settle or chastised for being too picky – Badoo celebrates pickiness. We believe there is someone for everyone.  Because we have been able to grow into the largest dating network in the world, we give our users the largest selection of choice when it comes to meeting new people!”


Notes to Editor

Data: Badoo analysed data of 2,000 respondents to ascertain dating habits across the UK. The research was conducted by 3Gem Research & Insights.

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