August 30, 2016

All the single ladies, all the single ladies

London, 29 August, 2016 -- Badoo, the world’s largest dating network, today reveals that Coventry is the best city in the UK for ladies looking for love, thanks to a combination of single men and soaring levels of dating app engagement. Data pulled from Badoo’s near nine million UK users, alongside the latest ONS population data, found that Hull has the highest number of single men (51%), closely followed by Coventry (49%) and Newcastle (48%).

London, by contrast, is the most challenging if you’re looking for love, as just a third (34%) of men are single, followed by Cardiff (38%) and Oxford (38%). Badoo’s research exposes the great misconception that living in big cities makes it easier to find a boyfriend.

The research analyses concentration of singles cities as well as engagement levels on dating apps (based on profile visits, messages exchanged and matches on Badoo).

Key findings include:

  • Coventry’s Women Are Sought After:

    • Women in Coventry have the second highest concentration of single men (at 49%) yet are also very popular amongst men, as they received the most profile visits (59%) compared with women in other cities

    • Single ladies in Coventry also received the most messages on average (45%), compared with just 12% in Cardiff

  • Being In A Big City Is Not As Big An Advantage As Expected:

    • Contrary to popular belief that big city living doesn’t equal a better love life. London has the lowest concentration of single men (34%), despite being the most densely populated city in the UK, as well as Cardiff (38%) and Manchester (42%).

    • Ladies in London also received the least profile visits (32%) and replied to fewest conversations (25%).

  • Northerners Are More Forward Than Southerners:

    • Women in Glasgow, Coventry and Hull are the most forward, initiating 63%, 63% and 62% of conversations respectively.

    • Similarly, men in Coventry, Wigan  and Glasgow were the most chatty, initiating 71%, 71%, 69% of conversations on average - giving daters in these cities great chances of connecting.

    • Conversely, both women and men in Cardiff are among the shyest, initiating just 35% and 46% of conversations respectively.

Joelle Hadfield, Badoo’s spokesperson, said: “People might find it strange that Coventry is the best place for single women to date in the UK. While it does have the highest proportion of singles, most importantly, it has some of the chattiest men meaning more meaningful conversations are likely taking place there than in other cities.”

“The research highlights that smaller cities offer a greater opportunity for single women to meet a potential partner. One of the biggest reasons for this is that men in smaller cities may actually put a bit more effort into meeting their match because of potentially believing they face a much greater challenge in finding love, due to lower population numbers. This positive approach results in people really putting themselves out there more, which in turn leads to greater dating success. Badoo is also the ideal platform to meet like minded people as we create ten matches a second in the UK.”

Notes to Editor Data:

Badoo analysed data from its near nine million UK users to ascertain the cities with the highest (and lowest) percentage of UK singles (men & women - both straight and gay), combined with ONS population data for 2015.

Badoo also analysed its own UK data to uncover cities where people are the most chatty (friendly) and least friendly (based off profile visits, messages exchanged, conversations started and matches on Badoo’s Encounters).

For the purpose of this study, Badoo analysed anonymised data from all users across the United Kingdom, collected from 1st to 20th August 2016, combined with existing ONS data. These findings are based on user functions within Badoo’s application, including designated geographic location within user profile settings.

About Badoo

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Top Tips from Badoo’s Joelle Hadfield For Women Daters:

1. Why is it easier to find a boyfriend in a less populated city?

“For women living in a big city they might assume their chances of finding a partner are easier, given the natural assumption that more people means more opportunity to find someone special. However, as the data from Badoo demonstrates, single in the city doesn't always mean you'll find love.”

From our data it appears that northerners in smaller cities are more confident in sparking up conversations and seeing where a chat might lead. Both women and men in northern cities seem really comfortable in trying to proactively chat to their potential matches, which perhaps makes it a bit easier in finding your perfect partner.”

2. Is online dating perhaps more difficult in a place like London? There are less singles (as per the data)?

“I wouldn't say it's more difficult. It comes down to knowing that you have to start somewhere and rule out what you don't want.

My recommendation for women looking for love is to make your profile an accurate reflection of what it is you're looking for in a potential partner because it increases the likelihood that matches will be more relevant.

While the data does show there are less singles, it just means single daters need to put a bit more effort in. Don't be afraid to look beyond your city for your potential matches -- who's to say an increase in miles won't increase your chances? The only person that has control over meeting new people is you.”

3. Do you have any online dating tips for people in smaller cities? Larger cities?

Smaller cities:

  • “Chances are you have mutual friends and acquaintances who could be perfect matches for you. Don't hesitate to reach out to this inner network and ask if anyone knows someone who fits what you're looking for -- again, you control the cards for pushing your love life further.”

  • “As shown from our data, in smaller cities, people are chattier so never be afraid to put yourself out there. As crazy as it might sound, don’t hesitate to chat with every friendly face you see, you never know where it could lead.”

Bigger cities:

  • “Discover what you're seeking in a partner and hone in on your values and goals in life. Let these inform you in your search and be efficient with the online dating process.”

4. Are there any other pieces of advice about online dating you'd offer readers?

“Always be honest in what it is you're looking for. Way too often online dating profiles aren't a true reflection of the a person’s personality. Success in dating is really dependent on being open and honest about what it is you want, and finding someone on a similar wavelength.”